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Internal Leverage

May 25, 2021

Do you find yourself scatter-brained at times? Are you setting out to finish a task or a project that you can't get to finish as your attention gets pulled in multiple directions? 

In this new episode, performance coach Abraham Heisler reveals the powerful system he created in the last 20 years studying the mind-body connection and condensing these in actionable hacks to increase your ability to focus, protect your time and optimize workflow and productivity. 

Essential points covered in this episode:

✔️ Two of the richest, most successful men on the planet - Bill Gates and Warren Buffett were both being interviewed and asked, "what's the number one key to success?" They both looked up at the same time at the interviewer and answered, "Focus."

✔️ Learn the Five Pillars of Focus  - Respect, Protect, Reflect, Reject and Direct and understand how these actions enhance your ability to manage distractions and harness the power of the mind. 

✔️ We all know that the most valuable and precious resource is not money — it's time. Time is the only thing we cannot get back. Yet, many of us continue to waste it. Allowing distractions, internal and external, takes away our focus from using our time wisely.  

✔️Putting up boundaries to protect your focus might be uncomfortable. Still, it's a challenge one must accept to make changes that will serve our goals, our mission, whether it's business, personal and professional. 

✔️A big reason why we lose on many opportunities is because we just don't respect how powerful focus is and take it for granted. 

✔️ When handling tasks or projects - give yourself time to recover and come back a lot stronger and more focused; it's the way to work that's more structured and helps rather than being all over the place and pulled in so many directions.

✔️ Minimizing notifications, reducing the number of apps and tabs you open in your digital devices are practical hacks to stay focused and maximize your time. 


Internal Leverage is an exploration into the inner game of business. Through interviews and anecdotes, we'll dive deep into the psychology, performance strategies, and daily routines of highly successful game changers and find out what gives them internal leverage making it to six, seven, eight, even nine-figure income levels.

Optimize your mindset, habits, and routines for success!

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